Two of each of your favorite BARRE flavors. AKA the best, most flexible gift ever. It is kind of like the perfect pair of pants. They fit in anywhere and have people complimenting your style. Bring it to a breakfast meeting. Win the meeting. Or bring it to a wine club and impress all your people with your advanced palate. Or enjoy it all yourself and let your taste buds thank you. Whatever you choose to do, just be prepared to handle all the praise, whether internal or external. Congratulations on being awesome.

Variety pack

  • In short, we eat lots of bars. We were tired of mush that stuck to our teeth or grittiness that reminded us of a dentist visit. We just wanted taste and texture. We also wanted something healthy our family could enjoy when out running around, but not just us parents. The kids and canines also, the ultimate taste testers. Give them a try, you won't regret.