A 6 pack kid version of the Original Barre. The only difference is we replaced the pumpkin seeds with organic sprinkles. What kid doesn't love sprinkles? We know ours do! Still 6 simple, delicious ingredients in a perfect balance of taste and texture. Organic Almonds, Organic Dates, Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Sprinkles, Organic Hemp Seeds, and Organic Sea Salt. 

the BARRE Junior- 6 pack

  • In short, our kids eat lots of bars. As parents, we were tired of worrying about the amount of whey protein in them or the mess they would make in the car. It is hard enough to get our kids to eat vegetables, so we made something we can feel good about them eating. Even though it says jr....go ahead, you can have a sprinkled one also. We won't tell.