Who's making these tasty, organic snacks? 

Hi!  I'm Brianne Doublin.  Don't let these pictures fool you.  We might look like this super outdoorsy family, but for the most part, we're running around like crazy with our two little girls and pets like everyone else (we just don't have a photographer around to capture us when we're a hot mess!).  Working another  full time job doesn't leave much time to worry about nutritious snacks for the family.  We were always on the search for tasty bars that were loaded with organic goodness and not a list of ingredients we couldn't pronounce.  I have been making the original barre for years.  Every time we'd purchase bars, we'd end up saying "these just aren't as good as the ones we make at home!"  We knew others had to feel the same way.  I hope you enjoy these nutritious & delicious barres as much as our family does (including these fur babies)!

Why the "BARRE"

I have a degree in dance from Texas Woman's University.  I opened my first dance studio 13 years ago in OK  (KE Dance) and started KE Dance Center in San Antonio 3 years ago.  With my first love being dance, the BARRE was the perfect name for these nutritious snacks.   

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